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Default "Long Range Shooting" how to use and dial in your scope explained in simple terms.


This young feller explains in laymen's terms how to dial your scope for long range shooting. I have done virtually no long range shooting but I would like to give it a go someday.

Mods I was not sure to put it here or the video section. Figured it would fit in here but move if not appropriate.
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Too bad you're about 2.5 hrs away from me. I have 400yds to shoot right here in my yard. After you master that, we can go over to Myakka City (http://manateegunclub.com/). They have 1000yds to work on.

And, it's not as difficult as some say. Once you get the hang of using your scope and how your caliber / bullet acts, the rest isn't too hard.
Reading wind is the only part (for me) that can be a pain in the ass. I've used wind flags, throwing grass in the air, looking at tree branches, chicken bones, crystal ball and just plain 'ol guessing.

I learned using MOA scopes. Some prefer Mils. I never could get the hang of mils after using MOA for so long. Also, I tend to hold rather than dialing in. It's just faster & easier for me.
You know how it is. Old habits dying hard and all that...

Last, I build my long range rifles on Savage actions with barrels made by a guy in Louisiana. He'll make them to my specs and he's very reasonable. Between long range rifles and reloading so I can "tune" the ammo to the barrel, it's becomes borderline OCD behavior.
There was a time I even tried to tune the ammo on a .243 so each shot would go thru the same hole at 100yds.
Gave up after about 2500 rounds. The useful life of the barrel had come & gone, too. Best I could get was .280" edge to edge.
Somebody go back and get a shit load of dimes.
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I found it pretty easy to teach my wife and kids to shoot to 600 yards. Beyond that takes a lot more practice.
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Originally Posted by 500grains View Post
I found it pretty easy to teach my wife and kids to shoot to 600 yards. Beyond that takes a lot more practice.
Yup. Had my 13yr old granddaughter shooting a .308 and hitting a 12"x24" steel target at 400yds within 6 shots.

After she gets used to hitting the target with regular frequency, I move her in to 250yds then 100yds and let here figure out the hold. She's too young to understand the elevation adjustment so I taught her trajectory and hold by using the slash marks in the scope.

And Mr. 44044, you are absolutely right on the 'ol money. Go ahead, start shit and see what happens. I give it a week or two and they'll all be frantically searching for their safe spaces.
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A buddy and his dad farm 3200 acres near where I live. He has berms set up at 450 yards, 830 yards and last I heard, he was gonna work on one at 1,200 yards.

I go out there a couple times a year and shoot. I currently don't own any scoped rifles other than my Marlin Model 60 .22LR. He and a lot of his friends have quite a few nice scoped rifles in all calibers up to .50 BMG.

Last spring when I went out there to shoot, he had a 24" disc blade mounted on a wooden post at the 450 yard berm. I got out my old Mosin Nagant 91/30, loaded up 5 rounds and hit the disc 3 out of 5 times with the factory iron sights.

I hope to have a DPMS LR-308 by the end of May. I had one, but like a dumb ass, I sold it to a friend that offered me about $400 more than I had into it....with all good intentions of replacing it. But the ol' lady got wind of the cash and reminded me that we were behind on a couple bills.
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And the Left would like a war, with the Right

I wonder how they would like it after a week?...
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I should sell my McBros Benchrest .50 BMG.
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