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Mess Hall Talk about food. Recipes, grilling, dehydrating, smoking, and BBQs.

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I'm a grumpy SOB
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Default Since its just me & the wife.......

...we usually opt for the 'quick & easy' breakfasts on weekends.

We both love 'sausage gravy & biscuits' for a Saturday, or Sunday breakfast.

We provide our own pork sausage, since "Jimmy Dean's Maple Sausage", seems to be 'hard to find' (or possibly discontinued by the grocery store we frequent). I've turned to experimenting with maple syrup, with sausage, while cooking it.

We've turned to buying these biscuits, if the kids and their families aren't going to be able to join us early enough (no room for their families to spend the night, unless they wanna sleep on the floor). Otherwise, it's homemade 'drop biscuits', if they can be here early enough.

Our pork sausage seems to be 'spiced' just right, maybe a little spicier than the wife likes but, she sure didn't complain this morning!

We use these biscuits (normally, because there's just 2 of us):

And this 'Gravy' (pre mix and add the gravy to the sausage, and stir!):

In the words of an old tv commercial about food, "Good Stuff Maynard!"

If the kids and grandchildren are gonna be here, we do it 'old school'! Made from scratch!
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Dang! I'm coming over to YOUR house for breakfast!
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JD Miller
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I dont ever buy sausage .

But Ive been buying these for a couple months

I cook 'em , them slice in half the long way and agin in long quarter and make a sandwich with some bread with some condements
Pretty phukin' good
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I'm a grumpy SOB
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Frostbite Falls, MN
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Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Dang! I'm coming over to YOUR house for breakfast!
Bring it on (if you can bear the arctic temps and sn*w ass deep to a giraffe)!

Bring guns and ammo, and we'll go over to my friends place after your food coma wears off (see my latest post in the 'General Videos' forum). Gimme 24 hours advance notice first.
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Maple & sage roll sausage are not big sellers, Maple Breakfast links slightly better. Having made plenty of sausage in my life time if you want maple get the real deal, and it aint cheap. I used it in my recent home cured bacon. a little goes a very long way. I don't care for when the sugar burns.
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