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Old 12-18-2023, 12:29 AM   #1
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Smile WooHoo! After a VERY busy Road Construction & Ag Lime season.......

Things have slowed to a 'crawl'! Last week, I was still doing 12 hour days. Friday evening, the schedule for tomorrow came out, and my name & truck number(s)....(I've been driving the quad axle dump truck for the past 8 days), are NOT on it!

I'll gladly take tomorrow off! I checked my email earlier this evening, and found that my direct deposit of my paycheck tomorrow (from the week prior to last week), is surprisingly higher than I thought. It's nice to 'take home' just over $1800 for 5 days of work, this late in the year. To bad my paycheck got 'raped' with federal & state taxes!

I dunno if I'll work this week at all. But to be honest, it'd be nice to 'sleep in' for a week. The week between Christmas & New Year, is our annual 2 day 'safety meeting' (28th & 29th, boring as f***, but I get paid to attend), our company Christmas party (I do not attend), and the week we get our 'holiday pay' (for the National Holidays throughout the year). The following week, we get paid our 'Quarterly Safety Bonus', end of year bonus, Holiday pay, and 'longevity bonus'. THAT, will be a very good 'payday'!

My boss caught up to me one day, just before I got to my pickup at the end of the day. He asked me "What's your plan for the winter?"

I told him, "The same as the past few years, work as little as possibe."

Boss: "What about Spring & next 'construction season'?"

Me: "I plan to 'semi retire in early March. I'll work road construction until I hit the SS threshhold of earnings, then I'm done for the year."

The look on his face, was 'pure shock'!

I'm looking forward to taking at least a month off, then hauling 'chips' (used for seal coating city streets), for the 2 cities we haul to....weather permitting.

My wish for you guys and gals here, is that you are ALL doing well this Holiday Season, and can take the time to spend with your families and grandchildren!
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^^^Good on you...that sounds much better than sitting in an office drinking crap coffee and dealing with unreasonable expectations.

Now that I'm retired from Engineering I help my neighbor rake and bale alfalfa and triticale during the season. They've a dozen or so pivots that keep a few of us busy...much better than working in a cube farm IMO
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