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WELLCO Arms Company -Wellco Arms Website.

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El Kabong
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Hungarian AMD65 are good.

ChiCom MAK90 are better. Best, smoothest Trigger on any military arsenal built AKM.

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I have an AK74 built on an Interarms receiver. I really like the 5.45 cartridge. It has a fixed wood stock on it currently, but would like to find a reasonably priced side folder wire stock to put on it. I had a Tantal kit I put together along time ago. It had one of those side folder stocks, really liked it.
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The side folding 100 series, AK74 stocks, are great. Tight lockup both open and closed and very ridged.

The add-on stocks designed to replace the fixed AK stock and kinda look like the 100 series side folding stocks are no more than...trinkets.
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The next build in my que is a Bulgarian AK74 that originally was a plum fixed stock, but is being converted to a triangle folder & built up on a Childers receiver with a Green Mountain C/L barrel.

This kit was bought probably 10 or more years ago, but stashed till I retired. Now that Joe & the ho have stopped importation on Russian 5,45 x 39 ammo, the future of these rifles is not good for the average shooter.

Being the ammo whore that I am, I stocked up on this caliber very well back in the day when it was cheap.
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