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Default Good hunting right now..

Last night, I went out to get firewood and the cat was all happy to see me. She had to show me a little cottontail rabbit she killed. She'd already eaten the head. She looked at me as if to invite me to dinner. So, I moved it a little and praised her.

An hour later, I stepped outside and she was playing with a big mouse. I'm sure she killed it.

This morning, my wife stepped outside to call the cat in and she came running up to the house and dropped a juvenile gopher that was still alive. But then the chickenz came running up as well. I have a very friendly flock of chickenz this time. Well, they weren't very friendly to the gopher. One of them stole the gopher from the cat and took off running with the rest of the flock chasing. Then the fun started - one chicken stealing from the other and them chasing each other around the yard.

Can't see what happened to the gopher, but the rest of the birds found the remains of the rabbit from last night, and they are working on it, now.

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