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Question Got a dilemma - TOPS knives

Okay, I first started looking at this company's knives after seeing a video review on this one - a survival type knife to use as a camping/hunting knife.

But then I got to researching other options and found that I really like this Bushcraft type knife with the Scandinavian type grind:

They are close enough in price to take that out of the equation.

I have an old Air Force survival knife that I use around camp, but I want something with a little more heft to it and don't want to buy something made in China or Pakistan.

The survival type knife is more for camp chores, and can be a good hunting/fighting knife. The bushcraft knife allows for camp chores, plus is a little more agile and precise for carving with. I'm sure it will skin something out just fine, too, though. (If I find myself in a knife fight, then I seriously messed up somewhere.)

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