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We had him evaluated for Autism last November, and he showed almost no signs. Although he will be re-evaluated sometime later this year.

He’s seen a developmental pediatrician, 2 different speech therapist at 2 different hospitals. They all agree he has a speech delay, only slightly disagree on the severity. The Developmental pediatrician believes he has the verbal expressive speech ability of a 4-6 month old( as of December) and both the ST’s place him a little better at 7-9 months currently.

He also has CVI, at high level phase 2 or low phase 3 depending on which doctors you ask. 1 places him at high 2, other low 3. Kids with CVI are often misdiagnosed with autism, especially if they are nonverbal.

It’s entirely possible that his CVI is hurting his speech development, but it is difficult to say for sure.

In combination with his other health issues ( fortunately not life threatening) is a big, complicated jumbled mess. I don’t think we can get it figured out anytime soon sadly.
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