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Originally Posted by RetVet View Post
I don't know. I'd have to call BS on some of that. The original AKM had a lot of pitting and I didn't see that pitting towards the final stages before painting.

I also know you don't need a 12 ton press to build one of these. I have a pretty substantial press and it's overkill for what's needed to rivet the rear trunnion. The front trunnion rivets are done using a modified set of bolt cutters by most of us. Other then the two rear trunnion rivets, I use the press to push the barrel out and back in and to push the barrel pin in. Neither of the latter require much pressure in my experience.

He ruined a salvageable lower handguard too. I would have fixed that.

Okay, and how about the compliance parts, unless he's doing this somewhere other than what was ONCE called a free country, aka America. Looked like he was cleaning up the original fire control parts. Did he reuse them or swap those out? I didn't see it. Otherwise I see "maybe" US made hanguards, grip, and maybe the folding stock though that's questionable. That's 3 parts, he needs 3 more in Amerikka.

Sorry...did we watch the same video? Pitting is very obvious.
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