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Typing Test
A timed typing test. Type the displayed letter as fast as you can!
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Typing Test High Scores
# User Name Score Comment Time Length
Typing Test Champion!
08:24, 15th Jul 2009 4 secs
2 Dan FS71  99 
No Comment
16:05, 17th Nov 2013 11 secs
3 Schlitz  88 
No Comment
23:12, 18th Nov 2013 6 secs
4 klauss  84 
No Comment
19:11, 16th Oct 2010 3 secs
5 nutinauniversalshell  69 
No Comment
01:33, 3rd Nov 2011 3 secs
6 ESSOHBE  67 
I just had a fucking seisure
21:44, 21st Sep 2013 4 secs
7 Broncodarts  55 
No Comment
14:23, 23rd Jan 2011 5 secs
8 Princess  53 
No Comment
11:52, 24th Apr 2010 7 secs
9 TinmanIA  51 
also 2 finger
23:56, 22nd Dec 2010 3 secs
10 Rick-a-Roo  48 
two finger typist!
14:47, 9th Jul 2010 4 secs

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