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Default USB networking hub???

I am aware of hubs for laptops, so that you can make use of several devices when you have but a single USB port on your laptop...

What I am looking for is a "hub" so that you might use the same printer by several computers, or... I have a row of 4TB "remote" hard drives, that I would like to be able to use for two different computers, so that files would be accessible from one remote hard drive, by two different computers.

I presume that such "networking" hard ware is available... what am I looking for??? (looking for a "reasonable" price, not something costing hundreds of dollars)
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Usually it's the printer that determines whether or not you can use it over the network. You would still have to unplug the USB cable from the others to get it to work with any one computer.
I have a Canon D530 hooked to my main computer, and then have it shared on the network so the others can use it.
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I have a 4T drive that hooks up to the network router, it makes it accessible to every computer plus I can access it from anywhere in the world or even my phone, I can pull files, contracts, pictures, within a few seconds no matter where I am. Then my printer is setup to the router also so it's accessible from every computer in the house too as long as they are hooked up to my home network. just need a router with plenty of connections in the back. At any given time I may have 3-4 phones and 3 or 4 computers hooked up and they all have access to everything.

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You can just plain old hook almost anything to anything.
It's file and drive sharing.
Right click, properties, sharing.
At work I have maybe 12 different PCs running from windows CE up to windows 10 all sharing the same external drive.
NAS (network attached storage) is sometimes easier depending what kind of software the manufacturer makes you use.
It's not like the old days tho, a quick search on the net will have you done in a flash.
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