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Thumbs up California fishmonger buys 70-pound octopus to set it free

A fishmonger in central California reportedly purchased a 70-pound octopus so he could release it due to a “culmination of events” in his own life that includes learning about new research into the intelligence of octopus.

So when a dock manager called to inform him about a massive octopus caught in a crab trap, he forked over “a couple of hundred” and brought it back to his market. An employee there named it Fred.


Swim free Freddy swim.
Researchers are studying just how smart the octopus are. A show I watched a guy set up two tanks with one in each. He set up a super hard course of moves for one to get its dinner blocking the others view.
Took it quite awhile but it figured the problem out. The other guy then watched how his buddy did it and in two seconds got dinner. They is super smart.
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One of the few things I regret from when I had my dive boat in Seattle, is that I never went down where the giant octopi live and went diving with them.
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Nice story Thanks for posting.
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Originally Posted by kostner View Post
Nice story Thanks for posting.
Incredible yes kostner here is one of the experiments I found. The more they study them the more they realize how super intelligent they are.

A demonstration of an octopus learning through observation.


Sanders I think their called the "Humbolt Octopus" along the west coast?? Not sure on that? But they get super protective of divers coming into their A.O. and don't necessarily attack but let yah know they don't want to be hassled.
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Octopi are really interesting animals. This is one of my favorites.

The Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) can be found in the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula on the west coast of North America. Their habitat lies on the Eastern side of the Olympic mountain range, adjacent to Hood Canal. These solitary cephalopods reach an average size (measured from arm-tip to mantle-tip,) of 30-33 cm. Unlike most other cephalopods, tree octopuses are amphibious, spending only their early life and the period of their mating season in their ancestral aquatic environment. Because of the moistness of the rainforests and specialized skin adaptations, they are able to keep from becoming desiccated for prolonged periods of time, but given the chance they would prefer resting in pooled water.
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NOT A JOKE! The announcer kept claiming it was a serious story and he was not making it up. I am serious, REAL (non-demonrat anti-global warming) scientists are now claiming octopus are alien life forms. They can not find them in any type of fossil record and now think they were brought here on comets or some such thing as eggs according to a radio report I heard.
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Japs eat them...
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Ah geez, nice but couldn't they have named it something else?

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I love to fish, like the taste and keep just about everything that's legal. That said, I don't ENJOY killing them. It's a necessary evil. A guy's gotta eat, you know!
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