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Old 11-06-2013, 03:08 PM   #31
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Growing up Mr. Walters next door had two Japanese rifles he kept leaning in a corner of his little workshop in his garage. He showed them to us kids one day. They had the Mum and weird sight wings that flipped out, both right and left and a mono pod..maybe... I think I remember. Both were liberally coated in black cosmoline and had bayonets mounted. He told us he got them out of a case of them, in the Philippines. Said there was warehouses full of Japanese stuff like that.

Wow...that was at least fifty, fifty five, years ago...I think his son Jimmy has them now. I never was a big fan of Japanese military stuff... except Samurai swords..
Our forefathers would have already been shooting...by now.

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Old 11-07-2013, 07:55 PM   #32
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I have a last ditch type 99 with intact mum.Told it was from Kyoto factory in 6.5. Has what I thought was a duffle cut that turned out to be factory cut (I've been told). Also has a nailed on wooden butt plate.
I do shoot it without any worries.

I'm no expert and my info comes from a fella who is on another forum.

An interesting weapon to say the least. I like it.

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Old 11-07-2013, 08:27 PM   #33
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jap karate rifelz. sentimental value only. you might find someone hung up on the mum but the piece is an ill shooting hung of shit cranked out in desperation by the imperial forces. yes, i have one. i keep mine in the gun cabinet so the thieves might take it thinking they scored.
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Old 11-07-2013, 10:15 PM   #34
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Hehheh..... I'll send you a Bubba'd Carcano in trade for your gun cabinet queen.....
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Old 04-18-2017, 08:26 PM   #35
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I collect the heck out of Jap stuff, but they have to have the mum and matching numbers, or serial numbers and assembly numbers if a early type 38. Only have two last ditch rifles in my large collection, even I think they are turds, own a couple and you own them all when it comes to the last ditch rifles unless they are a rope sling rifle or other rare one. Mid war and earlier rifles sell for pretty good money now of all is correct and the finish is good. Heck I payed 800$ for a perfect mid war rifle all matching with paperwork a year ago, the real good ones are tough to find. Seems 80% of them are rusty turds with something mismatched or missing, but still seem to bring 3-400$ lately. I guess they are going they way the k98 went, the hype will start, then you pay too much for junk. Just like that DOU 45 k98 you cut yourself on just running your fingers over the rough milling on the receiver. 1000$ buck well spent, lol..
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Old 08-19-2017, 03:43 PM   #36
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As a gun show dealer, I do not argue with anyone. I tell them the truth and if they get pissed, say "OK, you're right". Was talking to a buddy and a guy came over to have my buddy look over his "all original" Winchester M1 Carbine for him. I took one look as he was handing it to my buddy and said, "It's not original. It's been FTRed (Factory Through Repair), this was replaced, that was added, that's not right..." The scum just went OFF! "I DID NOT ASK YOUR OPINION!" OK, sorry. So my buddy goes, "Well it's not original. It's been factory through repaired, this was replaced, that was added, that's not right..." I was laughing so hard at the look on the idiots face I had to leave.

Lots of people come over with .45-70 "rimfire" shells since ammo is a specialty. "Sorry, not a rimfire, it is inside primed..." IT IS TOO A RIMFIRE! THE DRUNK IN THE BAR WHO SOLD IT TO ME SAID SO! "Oh. OK. You want to sell it?" I gave the drunk $35 for it because it is so rare and desirable! What will you give for it? "Nothing, but I'll sell you five of mine for $35 each!"

Then there was the idiot editor from AMERICAN GUNSMITH Mag who thought that 7.62x54R meant "rimfire" (yes, really) and couldn't find any 7.62x54R RIMFIRE ammo for his M-N rifle. "Yeeeaaah.... the 'R' in 7.62x54 means RIMMED, like the 30-40 Krag and ..." IT DOES TO MEAN RIMFIRE! I'M THE EDITOR OF AMERICAN GUNSMITHING! I KNOW! "Ummm, OK."

Obviously everyone else knows more about my specialty than I do and I don't argue with them. One idiot told me "boiling grease makes nitroglycerin! The drunk in the bar told me!" OK... "You can change the ballistics of a gun barrel so it can't be tested by running a silk handkerchief through the barrel to change the rifling!" Same drunk in the bar? "Yeah." You buying the booze? "Yeah, why?" Just wondered.

It went on and on. But, wow, was that drunk an expert of guns! Why he even had a trunk full of Nazi belt buckle pistols in his attic! The fool went over and all that was in the attic, after the fool bagged up about $80 worth of beer cans to take to the redemption center to clear a path to the attic, was more beer cans. Oh the drunk HAD them all right, but they must have been stolen! At this point I was laughing so hard I nearly passed out.
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Old 08-19-2017, 04:02 PM   #37
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Dad had one he bought from a fellow Marine reservist back in the late 50s. He said he gave the guy $5 for it. It was a early model with the MUM in VG condition. He had a gunsmith butcher it into a sporting rifle for deer hunting in the 60s. Then he bitched about ammo costing $20 for a box of 20. I think it was the 7.7 model.
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