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The Redcoat
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Default Cleaning old iron

Not quite sure where to post this, but Gunsmithing isn't visited with great

So, does anyone else clean their shootin' (and non-shootin') irons with
Simichrome followed by Renaissance Wax?

If not, what route do you take and why?

Even with what I regard as premium cleaning materials for my collectible
firearms and shooting irons, I'm always open to the easier route. Yeah, I'm
basically a lazy bastard.

Bought a few .22s recently and have only stripped and cleaned one so far.
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Everything I have gets cleaned with Hoppe's #9.

Collectibles are wasted on me, though. If I own it, it will get shot.
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Old 04-23-2018, 03:02 PM   #3
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With all the modern cleaning oils, whatever, Hoppe's is still a leader. Wax is good though.
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Old 04-25-2018, 12:21 AM   #4
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GI CLP in the green can. I've had the same quart can for 25 years. Use it on internals after a dip in DunkIt from C&S shop.
Balistol for my FALs' gas tubes.
If something needs polishing, 'Flitz' does me good and leaves a protective film that doesn't gunk up like WD-40.
WD-40 I use to clean toilets. Doesn't go near my toys.
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S. Fisher
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I use MPro-7 on all my fire arms, it cuts through carbon fast. Pretty sure it’s just colorless and odorless simple green but it works fast. I also use nylon brushes, with the rod chucked in a cordless drill. I hate cleaning them but it has to be done, so why spend all day doing it. Finish up with a little corrosion X.
For my BP guns I use hot water and dawn dish soap, after rinsed I dry with compressed air.
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Old 04-26-2018, 08:42 AM   #7
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I use RW on all my carbon steel knives and white metal. it is the duck's guts.
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Old 04-29-2018, 09:30 PM   #8
Rabble Rouser
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Wife hates the smell of Hoppes, I like it but that’s just the solvent.LSA from nam still seems to be ok for me
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I've got one of the cheap Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaners. I just field strip and run everything in some Simple Green then rinse with hot water and blow out with air. After all that I'll spray with some Rem oil and blow with air again.
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Simple Green and warm water usually, follow up after drying with CLP, Ballistol or Ed's Red. I do use other cleaners when needed, a bore cleaner, Hoppes, etc. I'll also use a moly lube where appropriate.

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JD Miller
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For the bore after shooting, hoppes, occasionally JB bore paste and sweets, bronze brush, and Kroil again

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