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Question Mysterious wolf-like creature shot in northcentral Montana near Denton

It's not a bob-tailed coyote, that's for sure.

Was it a wolf, some type of hybrid, or a creature that hasn't been seen in Montana since the Ice Age?

On May 16 a lone wolf-like animal was shot and killed on a ranch outside Denton. With long grayish fur, a large head and an extended snout, the animal shared many of the same characteristics as a wolf; but its ears were too large, it's legs and body too short, its fur uncharacteristic of that common to a wolf.

So far, the exact species is a mystery

So what was it? At this point, no one is 100 percent sure.
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Originally Posted by Sanders View Post
It's not a bob-tailed coyote, that's for sure.
Your guy is running around with a found coon tail pinned to his butt.


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That one is easy, it is a raccoon/turtle cross with mange. At least that is what I was told when I shot one and it disappeared into a DNR truck and was sent to the university for DNA tests and was never seen again and no one would tell me a damn thing about it after that. I may be dumb, but it sure weren't a raccoon, they don't cross with turtles, opossum maybe...
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Mexicans breeding with dogs now...
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Originally Posted by RetVet View Post
Mexicans breeding with dogs now...
The dogs are the ones getting short changed.
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O.K. I got it I am 100% positive that is a Chupacabra their not uncommon in Texas.

A Chupacabra in Texas? Or Just a Mangy Coyote?


O.K. your out camping and one of those bad boys comes into your camp? Frig your equipment and its every man for himself.
Get in your vehicle and exit the A.O. Now go to Cabela's and just buy new gear. Do not mess with the Chupas.
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JD Miller
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For Immediate Release May 24, 2018

Canid Animal Shot Near Denton Draws Attention

A large wolf-like animal shot and killed May 16 by a rancher near Denton has wildlife officials

and the public wondering what it was.

Here’s what is not in question: The animal came within several hundred yards of the rancher’s

livestock. He shot it and reported it as required by law. The animal was a young, non-lactating female

and a canid, a member of the dog family, which includes dogs, foxes, coyotes and wolves.

Those facts are not unusual in Montana’s farm and ranch county.

The animal originally was reported as a wolf, but several Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ wolf specialists

looked at photos of the animal and collectively doubted it was a purebred wolf: the canine teeth were

too short, the front paws too small and the claws on the front paw were too long.

Nevertheless, social media was quick to pronounce the animal as everything from a wolf to a

wolf hybrid to something mythical.

Rather than guess, FWP sent the carcass to the Department’s lab in Bozeman where tissue

samples will be collected, then shipped to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Laboratory in Ashland, Org.

In a laboratory, scientists extract DNA from cells, looking for markers specific to individual

species. Those markers are then compared to samples of known species on hand.

While the process may take a week, just getting to that stage may take weeks or months,

depending on the laboratory’s backlog of cases.
Page 2 of 2

All of which means it may be awhile before the anyone really knows what the animal near

Denton really was.

Canid Animal Shot Near Denton Draws Attention.docx
Page 2 of 2


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Mysterious wolf-like creature killed in Montana ID'd through DNA test

The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) revealed the identity of the mysterious wolf-like creature that was shot dead in the state last month. Officials confirmed in a news release Monday that DNA results proved the animal was a gray wolf.

“The lab compared the animal’s DNA with thousands of other DNA samples from wolves, coyotes and dogs. The conclusion was clear – this animal is a gray wolf from the northern Rocky Mountains," the statement read.

Montana FWP officials initially weren’t certain what the creature was when a rancher fatally shot it on his property.
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