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Originally Posted by Sanders View Post
I went this afternoon and shot 2 rounds of 5 Stand Sporting Clays.

What a hoot! Instead of walking a course, you shoot 4 different singles/doubles at 5 different stations.

One round is 25 birds.

Wind was blowing about 20-30 mph.

First round, I shot a 14.

Second round, an 18.

I think I'm going to like this new game.

I wound up joining their club for $25/yr.
Lots of fun.

You will find as you start getting into the 20s that the last couple of targets are harder and harder to get.
Then you start shooting with guys that will run several sets of 25 before missing.
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used to shoot clays every weekend when Pinehurst had the gun club. shot a 28" Red Label so i could keep the hulls. screw in chokes was a plus. those mini clays will screw with your head.
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Well, I shot that tournament yesterday.

It started out pretty nice out, but cold. They served a free breakfast of breakfast burritos (sausage, eggs, and potatoes) and muffins and coffee.

There was quite a big turnout, at least to me it was - probably around 300 people or so.

The tournament was supposed to start at 10:00 a.m., but didn't get kicked off until closer to 10:30 with an opening speech on why they were having it, and the charity it was benefiting - the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation (http://jdrf.org/ ) and how, according to Forbe's, it is one of the best run charitable foundations of its kind. Apparently, 80 percent of every dollar donated goes to research.

I met and talked to some pretty nice guys while waiting, and they all gave me tips on how to run the course. I didn't even have a clue on how things would start out. I'd always thought that you walked a course, and clays would launch randomly and you had to react to them. For some reason, it never clicked in my mind that you walked from station to station.

I found my name on the roster and the team I was with. It is similar to golf, but instead of a foursome, we were a half-dozen. I was the only rookie in the group of accomplished shooters. These guys were good - all being nationally ranked at one time or another. But I held my own with them. They were a little cliqueish at the beginning, but by the time we finished the last station, I was one of them. I didn't shoot nearly as well as they did - finishing up with a 48/100 vs. their 80-95/100 - but for my first time, it was a respectable score they said.

The course was 10 stations with 5 pairs at each station. My favorites were the rabbits. I get the biggest kick out of shooting those clays rolling along the ground for some reason. I kept disappearing them, which the guys in my group loved to see.

One station had the pair coming directly at the shooter. The wind had started blowing, and then it started snowing. By the time I got up there, I had snow blowing into my face as well as the clays coming at me. It was interesting, to say the least.

My youngest daughter accompanied me through the course, and at the last station, the guys gave her some shooting tips and a quick lesson and had her practice on a few clays. Then she went up to the 5-stand and shot a round of 25 against 4 other people. She hadn't even touched a gun in a year and a half and came in tied for 1st place in her group at 15/25.

All in all, it was a good time. I'll be going to another tournament soon, I'm sure.
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Thumbs up

That is great.. I would love to try that some day.. Have watched guys doing it, but only tried it a few times..
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Well done, Sanders, by golly you DID vindicate yourself!
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I might actually be able to afford to play this game.

With the price of metallic cartridges, lately, the other games I like - such as defensive pistol (IDPA), 3-gun, and Cowboy Action shooting pretty much put them all out of reach. Not being able to find powder pretty much negates the benefits of reloading then, too.

With shotgun shells at $60/250 round case, I can do that a couple times per month. The tournaments are typically $30-$45 for 100 clays. I can shoot 5-Stand at the range I joined for $7.50/25 to get practice.

Folks would always go on about how the shotgun sports are for snobs, and how snobs participate, but dang if I don't see it as the cheapest alternative there is right now, if you require periodic recoil therapy.
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Darn, figured I'd get better with practice, instead of worse.

I believe I was trying too hard, and not just letting myself go with my instincts.

Concentrate too hard - lose the bird.

Caused me to forget to follow through on shots.

Shot 3 rounds of 5-Stand yesterday and went from worse to worst, but did my best on the fast doubles (where you can't concentrate because they are too fast). The singles were killing me.


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