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Default Buy Iver Johnson 1911 Or Not?

Seen the Iver Johnson 1911 45 acp. on the Iver Johnson web site. It is a pretty impressive looking firearm. I understand these are not the same as the old Iver Johnson weapons & are manufactured in the Philippines. I read an article that states the new Iver firearms are manufactured from the original engineering design.
Would like to know if anyone has purchased one of these and how they would rate it.
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I wasn't even aware the Iver Johnson company ever made a 1911.

But, I've got one of those Philippino 1911's (RIA), and it's a definite winner for me.

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I didn't know Iver Johnson 1911 45 ACP until now, looked one up, is this the dude?

By appearance I see nothing to complain about.


Iver Johnson 1911s are assembled in the Philippines by Shooters Arms Manufacturing, but they are made to Iver Johnson's specifications and design, using Iver Johnson's parts. Iver Johnson 1911A1 models have a forged, CNC machined slide, and a cast CNC machined frame.

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10 Bears
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"By original engineering design?"
"With good quality worksmanship?"

All that said, I've never even handled one.
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Hello first.

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never even considered an owls head on a 1911 grip. friiggin creepy. might be a good unit, dont know. and by the way,,, hello
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I have a Rock Island Armory built in the Phillipians, by ARMSCOR to the original army specs, everything I put in it it eats it up and spits it out. Hollow points, fmj, wad cutters, etc. I haven't found a round that it does'nt like. It is partial to the Wolf fmj steel case w/ the polycoat, 1" moa @ 50 yds. what more can you expect. paid $ 299.00 in 10/2005 right after Rita hit the southwest Louisiana coast, convinced the wife it was for protection. Now they sell for $399.00 @ gun shows, B-I-Law just bought 1 months ago just like mine, but mine is well broke in !!!!

the fabber39
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RIA's are good 1911's
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I have a Philippino customer who shops @ the store. Hates obama with a passion. I guess that makes him not one of the 5% of mudslims from there. He likes guns & American muscle cars. Never says much about the Philippines.
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