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JD Miller
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Default Ruger SP-101 357 mag

Does anyone own a Ruger SP-101 357 mag ?

How do you like it

My Brother is thinking of getting one and asked me about them

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Tell him to get it, its a great piece, I sold mine to a friend, he loves it to. The accuracy is great, with the 3 inch barrel we were killing the crap out of targets at 50 yards. I had a Houge grip for it, and I recommend that to, bit more comfortable than the factory.
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I know a couple guys that have one. They love 'em!
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Originally Posted by JD Miller View Post
Does anyone own a Ruger SP-101 357 mag ?

How do you like it

My Brother is thinking of getting one and asked me about them
Love mine. Carried it for years prior to the 1911. Full magnums are a handful with the short barrel though.
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One of my brother in laws has carried one for many years.Good revolvers.
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A cousin has one. He loves it. Can't add much more, though.
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I have a 2" and a 3" SP101. They are great revolvers. I have the Hogue grip on both of them. The factory grip isn't bad, I just prefer the Hogue grip. It's a little longer, but not by much and the finger grooves help in getting a good shooting grip quickly without adjusting. The guns have some weight to them, so I carry them inside or outside the waist band. Too big and heavy for pocket carry, at least for me. They are very well built and the weight helps tame recoil well. If I could keep just one, it would be the 3". It's easier to shoot accurately at longer distances. Muzzle flip is less and it's not much harder to conceal than the 2".
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Had two.. Traded both..
Nice quality weapon.
Wish I kept them.
Like CDawg says.
Bit heavy, but they never failed too go bang.
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Best thing I discovered...had to replace cylinder stops on light S&W's. My SP101 is built tough...take a look on how they lock up. It's off-set, like a three point stance for a Green Bay lineman! Incredible strength in the lock up vs all in-line lock up.
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Thaddius Bickerton
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Seems everything ruger I have is built to last and not wear out.

I love my ruger revolvers and rifles.

Prefer 1911 automatic handguns and shotguns remington / mossy / winchester in 12 gauge.
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