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Default Confederate Whitworth Sniper: Sub-MOA Hexagonal Bullets in 1860

Sir Joseph Whitworth is quite the famous name in engineering circles, credited with the development of such things as Whitworth threading (the first standardized thread pattern) and engineer’s blue. When he decided to make a rifle, he decided that he could make flat surfaces more precisely than round ones, and chose to design a rifle with a hexagonal bore and mechanically fitted bullets.

The Whitworth rifles proved to be magnificently accurate, with a British military test showing a group of 0.85 MOA at 500 yards, and under 8MOA even at 1800 yards. However, the rifles were equally expensive, and were not given further consideration for military use. Whitworth made a total of about 13,700, selling them to high level competitive marksmen and wealthy shooting enthusiasts. A small number were purchased by Confederate agents during the Civil War, and between 50 and 125 were able to evade the Union blockades to be delivered into Confederate hands. These rifles were equipped with Davidson 4-power telescopic sights, and they were put to extremely good effect by Confederate sharpshooting units. In particular, they were used to shoot at Union artillery crews, and Whitworth bullets have been found on a great many Civil War battlefields. They were not available in large numbers, but they were excellent rifles and put to use as much as possible.
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Good article Sir

Thank you...
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Forgotten Weapons posted a video of one a few days ago on YouTube.
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That is one incredible weapon even for modern standards.
Confederate anything from the war go for big bucks.
Holy sheet I don't even want to guess where the bidding will start with that one?
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Very interesting. Thank you for the link.
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I reckon so. Josey Wales
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Yeah, read awhile back about how Yankees on Morris island digging trenches learned quickly to keep their heads down because Whitworth equipped snipers in Ft. sumter dropped a few..... from 1400yds away. ��
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Bore diamter .451, 575 gr bullet. Damn torpedo.☺️
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I think Union General Reynolds was smoked by one of these, he he he .....
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