Welcome to the site where the owners and members have had it with playing "nice" and being "inclusive" and "tolerant" of points of view that are destroying the fabric of what made this country great. The members here are sick and tired of politicians of all parties lying, deceiving, stealing, and pretending they are doing it all for the good of the country while selling out to special interests who have the set goal of destroying this country. We have had enough of career politicians who use their office only for personal gain, and who refuse to listen to the people who put them in office. The membership is no longer part of the silent majority who play nice and get along while getting screwed by anyone with a loud voice and an agenda. We will no longer allow anyone to piss down our back and tell us it's raining. And we like guns too.

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Soldier of Allah
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Originally Posted by RetVet View Post
$79 cases of 7.62x39.
With steel cores!
Racism will keep you alive.
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Coonass Crusader
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You didnt mention which model enfield (or maybe I was too blind to see it).
Looks like liberty tree collectors is running about $250 on a wood set for the No.1's, plus barrel bands and hardware.

I do not believe that the Democrats are single-handedly destroying this country.
I know that they, like the Republicans, are using both hands!

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Had a beautiful Ishapore 1941 No. 1 Mk. 3 *

The stock split under the receiver because it didn’t have the reinforcing bolt. Guess they were in a hurry to get them out the door just then.

In practice it’s the one I miss most. Loved the handling characteristics of my M1 until it would kick a clip with seven rounds into the air and onto my head. Same story with my M1 Carbine loved it until I shot it. If you gave me one of each I’d thank you and sell them to put toward purchase of a .308 battle rifle or a 6.5 Creedmore upper for that AR-10 I’m confident Doofy’s widow will sell me when one of his escapades gets taken just a little further. Gotta love stupid neighbors if you live far enough back from the road.
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