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Gaw' Blimey Limey
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Originally Posted by Pogo View Post
Absolutely. Also Davis, Bryco, Jennings and Lorcen.
Of course I'm right
..I'm Rick-a-Roo
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Originally Posted by Oswald Bastable View Post
The premise is flawed...best handgun makers does not equal the 5 best handguns made.

All makers have hits and missess...

I'd rather see what makes one of the best 5 handguns made article...by design, form and function.
I agree the premise is all wrong, what era of time are they referring to. 19, 20 21 century
Gun control defined: The theory that people who are willing to ignore laws against theft, torture, kidnapping, rape, and murder but will obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm.

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S. Fisher
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Another article by the same guy called the five best handguns in the world, include the Colt 1911A1, Glock17, Sig P 226, S&W M&P, and the CZ75.

I have versions of four of them, Iíve shot the M&P itís not bad but donít think itís right for me. In my opinion yes the 1911 and the CZ are some of the best handguns ever made.
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Originally Posted by RetVet View Post
I ignore "best of" articles because they are always someones opinion and it rarely agrees with mine.
Agreed. Just about any "best of" article has a lot of inaccuracy. Actually, I get much better advice (whether guns or drums) from "average Joes" on internet forums than from some professional writer.
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It doesn't get much fancier than my Jimenez 2 tone pot metal 9mm
Better Dead than Red
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I like :
Smith And Wesson ( revolvers )

I only have those 3 makes.

Keep your powder dry and an edge on your knife,
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