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Well as M1 "Garand" Rifles (John Garand did NOT invent the M1 Rifle you you know, he stole the design and the US Gov't was sued by the inventor and the Gov't admitted they knew the design was stolen) are not going for that much ($1200) except for the rebuilt rifles with new barrels, I don't know what the beat to death 1911s will go for.
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So enlighten us....who invented the Garand rifle, if not Mr Garand?
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Going off the top of my head, need to look up all the details, a guy named Dripple (Deripple? Need to look up the name to be sure if that is right or something else, but close) hired John Garand to work in his machine shop where he was designing a new semi-automatic rifle with a gas trap for the military. John left and took a (the only?) prototype and blueprints with him to Springfield Armory. Much like "Carbine" Williams "designing" the M1 Carbine (Williams had almost nothing to do with it, it was just propaganda. Go look it up), there were many more people who had input, but with a name like Garand ("Grand", although John pronounced it COMPLETELY differently), who would you pick for a name? "Grand" or "Dripple"?! After WWII, the REAL inventor sued the US Gov't and they admitted they knew it was stolen (much like the company that designed and built the first Jeeps was bankrupted by the Gov't and the design was given to the highest political pay off... er... donor, in this case GM. Look at Tucker cars for more gov't fun and games) and the guy was owed millions. They kept the case under wraps until the guy died in 1956 (if I remember right).
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