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JD Miller
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Default Buffalo Gourd

I finally ID'ed a wild mellon I have seen for years while hiking and hunting


Cucurbita foetidissima is commonly known as buffalo gourd and is native to the southwest, it’s often recognized by its fetid odor and bitter gourds. Despite its odor, various Native American and Mexican tribes have used buffalo gourd for at least nine thousand years. It has been used traditionally in various ways as a food, cosmetic, detergent, insecticide and ritualistic rattle, to name a few. As research discovers the important resources of buffalo gourd’s past

I also re- ID'ed a plant that I knew was poisonous:

Datura aka Thorn Apple, aka Jimson Weed, aka Loco Weed

I always dig it up when I see it on my property. It has a big fat, deep, root like a potato or sweet potato.

My neighbor has it all over his property.


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10 Bears
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When those gourds get large, I mean over two feet in diameter, We call the flattened ones Kettle gourds and the taller ones bushel gourds.

But the ones I raise don't stink.
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Those gourds grow everywhere around here. Used to play with the stinky things when I was a kid. Made lots of little jack-o'-lanterns out of them. They smell like bad body odor to me.
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They make good targets, but are dang near impossible to get rid of once they take root. They put down some serious taproots.

I have a couple jimson weeds growing in my backyard. Since I don't have horses anymore, I let it grow for the flowers.
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JD Miller
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Jimson weed just looks poisonous. Another name was devils trumpet

I just remembered my grandfather called it thorn apple or loco weed, after I read up on it again
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Resident Curmudgeon
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Hey ! You still sit on the porch and peel gourds? :0

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