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I bought a QT of that Ortho weed killer that kills the weed but no harm to the soil. I spray along the fence line. I won't be needing it where I'm going. I'll give my lawn stuff to my stepson when I move to my new to me Condo this month. Good bye big city with all the herion.
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Originally Posted by aviator View Post
Weed and Feed will fix that for you, a couple applications a year.
Yes it will. Then use Ortho® Weed B Gon for touch up. I hardly ever have a weed in my lawn although the neighbors on both sides of me do.

My front yard looks like a putting green. My back yard is a little rougher because I've had dogs in it for years.

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Originally Posted by dinkydow View Post
My brother just got a, pull behind your tractor sprayer, with an electric pump and a 4' arm on each side that also folds down and gives you a total of 12' of spray width. I am going to wire his tractor up with a BETTER quick connect-disconnect electrical plug-in for it and do the same for mine.It has about a 40-50 gallon tank on it.

I need to get "weed and feed" on my front and rear lawn...but walking behind a "Scotts," spreader with a 24" wide application is beyond my ability to walk behind and do. IT...worked well enough for my small front and back yard in the city...but not here.

He also has a 4' broadcast spreader for use as a tractor attachment...to spread weed killer and solid fertilizer... He says they both work just fine. He likes the liquid sprayer best because he is real nazi about how his yard looks....far beyond my needs or wants... and he mows and manicures 12 acres. The liquid spreader lets him do the whole shebang REALLY FAST.

And, yes, the rural changes everything! Best to you! Beating one property, failing another and making some money in between. The American Dream and it's a minor complaint. WIN involved, perhaps.
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Wife has been spraying roundup for weeks while i've been crippled.
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2-4-5-T works great but I think that stuff was banned years ago.
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They got those lawyer TV commercials recently that want you to call them if you used round-up and other weed killers and you got cancer, so you can sue them


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