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Originally Posted by Railbuggy View Post
Here is Bella about two months ago. She grows fast.
Awesome brother!

I've been taking in critters for 40 of 50 years. They provide much joy. Little guy came back around but he's dedicated to "cattin" with local females "in heat" Need I say more?. February always was key to our Spring litters at the farm. Trapping and havin females spayed by Christmas became ritual. 15 kittens in the yard is fun, and nature weeds them fairly well. You realize quickly that some form of other intervention is necessary.

Made so much progress at the homestead in December I thought I'd be there and gift him security. Eh. Winter arrived. Long as he can continue to survive traffic and kids with pellet rifles I'll provide him a life beyond his wildest imagination.

I was so worried a couple days back. Next chance to snatch his scruff he's getting boxed up and going to my new vet. I need this one. He's got a great spirit In house he was amongst the most gentle beings I've shared my world with. Glandular spray closed that door for the time being. Dang, and pheww? I had to let him back out to the elements. Worst I've felt in my life. He doesn't care, that's his world. Not an unhappy animal. I've got 20-some lbs. of unhappy I adopted. Great cat but he started a whiner and continues to be.

Thanks for the pic Railbuggy! I know what I've got to do!

Thankful for the mild winter, I've got a little extra to invest in my friend.
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