Welcome to the site where the owners and members have had it with playing "nice" and being "inclusive" and "tolerant" of points of view that are destroying the fabric of what made this country great. The members here are sick and tired of politicians of all parties lying, deceiving, stealing, and pretending they are doing it all for the good of the country while selling out to special interests who have the set goal of destroying this country. We have had enough of career politicians who use their office only for personal gain, and who refuse to listen to the people who put them in office. The membership is no longer part of the silent majority who play nice and get along while getting screwed by anyone with a loud voice and an agenda. We will no longer allow anyone to piss down our back and tell us it's raining. And we like guns too.

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Old 08-11-2019, 01:12 PM   #1
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Default Default White House growing tired of social media's bullsh**

No, it's not the brainless keyboard smashers - it's the staff / ownership that put the kibosh on certain (conservative) topics / posters.

That behavior is what the WH is concerned about.

Bluntly, if tweeteldumb and dumbzuck are gonna edit their content, they no longer fall under the protections of Section 230. The FCC is gonna hold their toes to the fire on this.

This isn't a "free speech" issue, this is a "(social media) management fu**ing up" issue.

Oh, the irony. Akfiles.com talking about social media censorship of conservative view points when they've been cracking down on conservative view points for ages now.

Just like the "conservatives" who run this website. Full of hot air.

I suggest you gather your crew of multiples to censor more conservative content at this website while pretending you're anti-communists. Only, you censor conservative content just like the left does and operate in cowardly packs instead of independent, grown men who stand on their own two feet.

You smell that, dirtydozensbunker.com? Its the stinch of irony in the air.

This place reminds me of a legitimate Neo-Nazi organization. You embrace socialist ideology, you spout racist rhetoric and pretend to be against communists. You know who else believed in the exact same ideals as you clowns? That's right, the Nazi's.

I suggest you race to censor this post too clowns.
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Old 08-11-2019, 01:22 PM   #2
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Where are the communist akfiles.com/dirtydozensbunker.com members at to come tell me they're not all communists as they continue to brown nose, post and support forums like these who censor conservative content?

You know who you are. The ones that want to censor and shut down threads while pretending they're red blooded Americans who support freedom of speech.

We're not all communists, we just want to censor conservatives who call us out on our own progressive, leftist actions and beliefs.

Cucks, progressives, *********ervatives.

Yeah, you're not communists as long as you're posting leftist middle ground trash like you do. Put some real conservative, freedom of speech, pro-America loving rhetoric on our trashy little board and we will censor the crap out of you. Even bring our crew of misfits to trash your thread because we're not intelligent to discuss things based on merit.
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Old 08-11-2019, 01:53 PM   #3
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Default garand

Below, the pro-freedom of speech, pro-American, anti-political correctness thread the cowards at this forum conversed with themselves privately over and decided to shut down. Not before gathering in cowardly packs to attack. Censoring the post and any legitimate rebuttals which were sure to come their way.


You're not all communists? How many of you stood up for the right thing? Pro-freedom of speech, pro-American ideals?

Instead, you colluded to have the thread shut down. To censor the pro-freedom of speech thread like the anti-American, cowardly, ignorant clowns that you are.

We're not communist, we just censor conservative content and use fallacy based positions to excuse our censorship. You can't even come up with a legitimate, justifiable reason to shut the thread down. Instead, just your stupid meme's and because I said so's.

I'm not impressed. In fact, I would make an example out of each and every one of you communist sympathizing idiots. Which is why you decided to shut the thread down rather than debate the merits of the thread itself. You already looked stupid when I pointed out you claim to be anti-politically correct at this forum but in fact shut down a thread dedicated to anti-political correctness.

You clowns want to sweep your actions under the rug, but I haven't forgot nor will I. You can ban, censor, moderate all that you like. Not only do I know what you've done, but so does the rest of your membership.

You want to join youtube, facebook, twitter etc. in shutting down conservative voices? Cool, the rest of us are paying attention. Mission accomplished.
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