Welcome to the site where the owners and members have had it with playing "nice" and being "inclusive" and "tolerant" of points of view that are destroying the fabric of what made this country great. The members here are sick and tired of politicians of all parties lying, deceiving, stealing, and pretending they are doing it all for the good of the country while selling out to special interests who have the set goal of destroying this country. We have had enough of career politicians who use their office only for personal gain, and who refuse to listen to the people who put them in office. The membership is no longer part of the silent majority who play nice and get along while getting screwed by anyone with a loud voice and an agenda. We will no longer allow anyone to piss down our back and tell us it's raining. And we like guns too.

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never hear of this happening at places where there's real security.
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Originally Posted by 44044 View Post
Can we just go back to when IKE

was in the White House?...

The parents weren't afraid of spanking

their children, nor were the schools...

Children weren't drugged till they were zombies

But y'all know all of this anyway...
Yes we do...but it's worth repeating until someone with some
common sense in his/her head realizes it and re-allows corporal
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No assault weapons. He used a shotgun and .38 revolver.

The suspect had a shotgun and a .38-caliber revolver, Abbott said. The suspect's father owned the weapons legally, Abbott said, adding that he didn't know whether the father was aware his son had obtained the weapons.

.................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ..............…
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The liberals need a boogie man to rally

dumbasses to their cause...now it is the

NRA and guns...tomorrow?...
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Originally Posted by 44044 View Post
The liberals need a boogie man to rally

dumbasses to their cause...now it is the

NRA and guns...tomorrow?...
Interesting question. I expect it will either be dietary or sexual. The war on coal and petroleum can go nowhere. Heating and electricity without coal, which we have more than enough of for the foreseeable future is ridiculous. All the fruiters north of Kansas crying for it now would be demanding coal heat and light one week into cold weather. Nothing but oil gives sufficient BTUs or comes in sufficient quantity to power vehicle engines at current NEED, not demand. Without fuel for trucking or coal for trains everyone would have to live on the coast and/or forget about perishables in their diet. Tropical fruits would be a memory inland and a myth in a generation so coal and oil are safe.

The war on tobacco gives some indication of how a war on food quality could go. I expect fat and cholesterol to be targeted, making food even less healthy than it is now, instead of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and soy to be targeted. Low cholesterol is associated with Alzheimer’s and fat is the one nutrient that can’t be converted into glucose in the body and dick your insulin levels so of course they are bad. HFCS is out and out poison, hydrogenated oils abrade the lining of the arteries as is the true cause in many people of arterial blockage and soy turns you into a stickboi snowflake by depleting your testosterone. Expect a war on fat and cholesterol and continued and expanded dumping of HFCS, hydrogenated oils and soy in the food.

Expect the war on family, children and masculinity to take on a hyper aggressive dimension once we’re disarmed. Merc’s description of what is not being done in elementary classrooms will very likely become commonplace. Expect proposed and successful bans on homeschooling, facial hair laws, tax breaks for sexual deviants, economic punishment of straight couples, advocacy for legalization of the rape of males as we have already seen the advocacy of the legalization of assault on whites by blacks.

In short, don’t let these cocksuckers disarm you because you don’t want that question answered. There are things worse than death and these freaks wish to feed you as many as they can dream up once you can no longer kill them.
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2 things come to mind... a "red flag" confiscation bill is being considered in the Senate, and the libbies need a news story to deflect from the upcoming IG report.
“But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

~ Thomas Jefferson to Issac Tiffany, 1816
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Originally Posted by RetVet View Post
Another young meat head looking for fame, compliments the MSM who love to give them air time.

Je suis deplorable
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Unhappy Oh sheeet another one.

Georgia high school shooting leaves 1 dead, two hurt, police say

Two people were shot and one person is confirmed dead following a shooting at Mt. Zion High School in Georgia on Friday, authorities told Fox News.


Breaking news from a few minutes ago.
God Bless Americas Veterans. All who are serving and have served.
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Israel has solved this problem decades ago through a combination of armed guards and teachers. It's not rocket science, just being to cheap to pay for security. The whole drug thing makes no sense. There are millions of people on psych drugs, almost as many as are gun owners. If they were a threat, everyone would be shot. What you don't see is the thousands of cases where the drugs work just fine and they get stable and quietly dismantle the bombs or never get built in the first place. Success leaves no proof unlike failure. Yes, Israeli kids are just as drugged up as anyone else, not a problem with a good doctor.
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