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Default Used Laserlyte K-15 from PawnShop

I bought a 223 laser bore sighter from Amazon that came in last week. I wanted to use it for zeroing three of my AR15s. They are Anderson builds with free float handguards. Two have Truglo red dots, and one has a Bushnell 1-4x32 scope. I stopped by a Pawn Shop on my way home from ALDI yesterday to see if they had any laser sights. One was a Sightmark laser/light combo, and the other was the Laserlyte K-15 that I got for $100 cash out the door. Anybody have any history with this green laser model. My cats prefer the red lasers.lol
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I'm sorry but I can't help...

Guns B Bad N All, you know
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That's bad juju playing with lazers and guns.
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I am not saying those laser sighters are not good I just don't use them. I like gong to the range and sighting the old fashioned way.
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I have a couple of lasers for pistols that came with the guns. I consider them toys and left them in the box.

And if I can see through the barrel like on an AR-15 I boresight them with my eye.
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I use the small lasers that are specific for a particular caliber that fit in the chambers. I sight my rifles with them.

Lasers in combat are bullet magnets unless they are UV.
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I have a DBAL IR laser. It kind of a bitch to sight in, but video gaming hogs with it on the M16A2 is worth it!
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A laser on a handgun can be useful. Put a red or green dot on someone's torso and they understand what comes next.

I also like a laser on an ar15 for night jackrabbit hunting.
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I like the momentary switch that came with it. It plugs into the unit with a 6"wire and a finger pressure pad. I enjoy watching those hog hunters operate from choppers using red lasers and AR15s.
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