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Default 7 Ways Not To Die From A Rattlesnake Bite

Longtime Outdoor Life contributor Michael Hanback is back with tips for avoiding snakebites

Wherever you roam, your chances of a potentially dangerous rattlesnake encounter are small. The serpents are shy by nature and do their best to avoid humans


I disagree with his use your hiking stick to block the snake it will go for that instead of your foot. I had a pygmy rattler I was screwing around with here and it wanted nothing to do with the stick I poked at it.
It kept watching my foot which obviously put out a heat pattern.
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I just kill all of them that I see...
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Originally Posted by 44044 View Post
I just kill all of them that I see...

The weirdest encounter i have had with one of those bastards was when a rattler crawled inside my backyard plastic garden hose reel box and as i went to pull the garden hose out i got the surprise of a lifetime

Man can not coexist with rattlesnakes on his property any more than he can with Marxists and not expect it to bite him in the ass if he tries.

I dont mess with them out in the desert however.....I simply avoid them.

I have been to florida and the areas i visited were extremely heavily populated with people so i wouldn't blame people there for hunting them down.
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Had one pop its head out of a fireplace vent once as I was sitting next to it watching TV. It was summer and the fireplace wasn't being used, of course.

He pulled his head back in and I waited for it to come back out again and when it did I put a .177 pellet through it with a Crossman air rifle.

Another time I came across one of the biggest rattlers I ever encountered. It was living in a mine drift my friends and I were exploring. It was about 5 ft. long and as big around as my arms. We killed it with rocks and a 2x4 we found on the floor of the mine. I took that one home and skinned it out and mounted the skin on a board. It disappeared while I was in the Army.

Another one scared the hell out of me as he was next to a cave entrance I was going into - my girlfriend at the time said I jumped several feet straight up and backwards. That snake left of his own volition and I went into the cave with the girl. Was just real careful going back out again.

Walked into a hillside covered with the bastards once. I thought it was cicadas at first, but the I started seeing all these rattlers. Got out of the area most quickly.

Got chased by a sidewinder a few years ago. Stopped on the side of the highway so the wife could puke up her dinner, which didn't agree with her. I think she puked on the snake. Got her into the car and it chased me to the other side. I hope I ran that bastard over.

The worst one was the one who wouldn't rattle - no matter how much I poked at him with a stick. My cousin was with me and we eventually left Jake to his own thing. Then we got to thinking that we should have killed it, because a rattlesnake that won't rattle is just wrong. And it was a rattlesnake, not a bullsnake.

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Rattlers not rattling. People are starting to come across that more often Sanders. Some guys studying them are guessing their learning through evolution its attracting their enemies rather than scaring them away?

Does Predation by Feral Hogs Cause Rattelsnakes to Stop Rattling

As the stories go, rattlesnakes refrain from rattling because the noise attracts the attention of feral hogs, who then kill and consume the snake. Not rattling is assumed to be a trait quickly evolved to avoid predation by feral hogs. Non-rattling rattlesnakes are seen as a larger threat to the unknowing human that treads nearby.

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There is a professor here in Utah who dropped down into a deep canyon to scout for deer. He got bit on the leg. There was no phone service. He just sat there for 24 hours and let his liver metabolize the poison. Then he hiked out.
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7 Ways Not To Die From A Rattlenake Bite

1) Mess around with Jim.

2) Go to Wolverton Mountain.

3) Take your guns to town.

4) Give lip to Big John.

5) Let your secret slip while kissing persuasive lips.

6) Push the blade on the guy in shades.

7) Don't run or take cover from the thunder in the land Down Under.
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Have stumbled on a few, no rattle. Couple types can be a little aggressive and give chase.
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