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Shooter 14
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Default Apple Trees

Any of you boys down here in the rainy, hot, humid, wet, moldy, fungus infested, sticky south have any apple trees?

I found one on the property when we bought it 2 years ago. Since moving up here last year, I've been trying to help it along however, the rainy humid weather we've been having is reeking havoc on it.

Controlling the fungus on the leaves and the green shit I'm finding on the bark has been a bitch to get rid of.

Any suggestions on a good fungicide?

By the way, the tree is about 8ft. tall and I trimmed it back last fall. Come spring, I had many blossoms but no fruit. It's been neglected and I may not see fruit for a year or two, I guess.
Not even sure what type of apple it is, either.
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First off, you will need a second tree of a different type of apple for cross pollination or you will get all blossoms and no or very little fruit.
As for fungicides, I don't know of any that's safe for home gardeners. The fungus doesn't really hurt the apples, but it does look bad.
Also, possums and coons love apples. I just watched several dozen disappear before I got the live trap out.
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Shooter 14
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As far as I know, not all apple trees need a 2nd to pollinate. Unfortunately, I have no idea what variety my tree is.
I had an Ein Schemer (sp?) tree when we lived in central Fla. that always produced 8 to 12 apples every season - except 2004 when we had all those hurricanes.

I can tell it was grafted by the scar near the base. Chances are the previous property owner put it in.

As for possums & coons, hopefully my dog will alert if there's any critter nearby. She does pretty well. Sometimes I think she sounds off if a possum farts within 100yds.

And I can always use the target practice.
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S. Fisher
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Believe it or not I have a small apple tree that a local realtor gave me as a tip when I fixed his garage doors. He grafted it on a choke cherry tree, it has two acorn sized apples on it. Had a moose eat the top off of it last winter but it still survived, itís about three feet tall right now.
All I have in the yard are birch, cottonwood, alder, diamond willow, choke cherry and spruce trees, so Iím not sure how or why the apple hybrid tree is producing apples.

The guy I got it from has been experimenting with them for several decades, he has some very large trees, that produce lots of fruit. He did say that they are only good for pies though.
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Florida is probably too warm for good results with an apple tree. Peaches would be good in your area.
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