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Originally Posted by dinkydow
There are several, Marine Officers who have purchased Krinks from me to take into combat as Personal Defense weapons. Seems many Leatherneck Officers want more firepower than an M-9, 9mm pistol. These Officers got a dispensation from the Commandant, USMC, to transport their personal weapons into and out of the sandbox. Many officers, it would appear, do the same.

I lost 2600+ images I had stored over on photobucket when the cocksuckers dumped my account. Among the images were pics these same Officers sent me of themselves holding the Krinks, in Iraq, I built.

Would you call USMC Officers, Professionals?
Are these considered personal weapons or can they obtain FA under a military exception? I guess if they are personal weapons they have to jump through the NFA laws on the SBR, right?
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