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Default My Ka-Bar story...

In the 1990s, I was a reservist in the Marine Corps. One summer, I was spending two weeks in 29 Palms. Since I was a mechanic and licensed to drive a Hummer, I was pulled from my unit and sent to be a driver for an officer for the two weeks. Pretty easy gig, I didn't complain. So me and the other drivers that got pulled arrived at the motor pool that we would be working from. The active duty Staff Sergeant that ran things there assigned each one of us a truck that would be "our own" for the duration. We were told to spend the rest of the day cleaning them out, doing basic maintenance checks, etc. While cleaning out my truck, I found a Ka-Bar under the driver seat:

Wanting to do the right thing, I brought the knife to the SSgt and told him that it was in my truck. He says, "Wow! Great find. Congratulations on your new knife."
I replied, "No SSgt, this knife probably belongs to someone. Maybe even one of your (active duty) Marines."
He says, "These trucks are only driven by reservists like you each summer. The owner of this knife is probably long gone. And if it was one of my men, well..., that Marine just learned a valuable lesson in gear accountability. Congratulations on your new knife."
Ooh rah for me, free Ka-Bar.

Side note: The sheath has the name "Sisk" carved into it along with a few stick figures. I wonder if Sisk was full of shit, or if Sisk and this knife actually saw some serious action:

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