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Snake I really am not much into knives if the bad guys get close enough for knife fighting I call in artillery or air. But I have a box I toss in old knives that look interesting.
Uncle Marv 'Korea Chosin Reservoir' and a few of his buddies were down so I grabbed my K-Bar collection to show them. A few of the WWII K-Bars had rivets on the case as shown in your picture while some did not.
I was going to heave the riveted ones assuming them as repose and all said NO don't do dat. Their words in talking to their WWIi vet friends.
"The Pacific theater jungle vets were having problems with knife cases jungle rotting or getting critter eaten. Manufactures then put rivets in addition to threading on to make them last."
Dang good find Marine your a man of honor trying to get it back to the troop that lost it.
God Bless Americas Veterans. All who are serving and have served.
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