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Originally Posted by 4thIDvet View Post
Attached video with the video Joe put up highly recommends using them in a single shot shotgun only.
Video shows his Mossberg pump busting a spring with the insert.
ya, they're only for singles or o/u,side by sides.
Another thing which I will be testing is when yer brass gets old is loading the cases with pyrodex to a longer OAL then you could normally.Whatever the chamber will accomdate. Its somethin g new to play with anyhow. If a 45 case holds @27 grains to the brim,maybe you could squeeze in 25 grs of pyrodex.
A 45/25. which is probably more than you could squeeze in a 1858 with a conical bullet. i recently got a Colt Walker and extra cylinder [uberti].
I shot a few cylinders,cleaned it and put it away.shot 18' high.
Just too much of a pain in the ass,too quirky. i got into a BP kick for awhile but think its out of my system after getting 7 guns. shit
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