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Had a question for you guys. Have any of you ever used grease on the firing pin (where the firing pin spring slides back and forth and on the firing pin spring itself) on bolt action rifles? I had gotten an Eddystone M1917 awhile back and I was having a hell of a time pushing the bolt home that last little bit. At first I though I just had to get used to the cock on close but after trying other peoples M1917 there just seemed to be something wrong with mine. I did a complete tear down of the bolt and there was old, waxy caked on grease all over the firing pin and firing pin spring. After soaking in kerosene for about a day and some hard scrubbing I got all the grease off and after replacing the grease with some oil the bolt throw home was pretty smooth as it should be for a cock on close gun. Afterwards though I got to thinking that while the lack of care caused problems with this rifle it seems grease could be a better choice on the firing pin spring. You hear over and over if it slides (which the bolt spring does) use grease if it moves use oil. If cared for properly and cleaned and re-greased every so often so it doesn't turn into a waxy mess it seems like it would be a better choice than oil. What do you guys think
No do not use grease.Degrease just as you did and run dry.
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