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Default Why does "Church" have to be so structured and boring.

Dont get me wrong,I believe in the birth,life,ministry,death and ressurrection of the living God,Jesus Christ.But I could set my watch to the morning activities,stand up,sing,sit down,stand up,sing to the same old songs.And finally the Pastor preaches the same subject,just spins it a different way.Then when the Pastor is done beating a dead horse,you stand up,sing,and march off to your bible study class,to listen to a no-brainer subject from the bible,by that time my eyes have glazed over,and Ive tuned out.My question is,with all of the compelling subjects/stories and downright crazy shit(the supernatural of God) that is in the bible,why arent church leaders more creative?.GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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