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Originally Posted by 4thIDvet View Post
Sanders you must have mesquite wood out where you are? That has got to be one of my favorite smoking woods and it is not easy to come by back east here. $$
Do you like it or ever use it?
Not much mesquite where I live. Probably because of the altitude. An hour or so drive either East or South and I get into some scrub stuff.

I grew up grilling on mesquite, though - living in Southern Arizona. So, I do use it a lot. I don't know if they carry it where you live, but Costco sells big bags of mesquite lump charcoal by the brand name, "Diablo", that works really well and gives a good flavor to the meat. You can also get some mesquite smoking chunks and chips at Home Depot.

I'm using oak because I cut a bunch last season when I was getting firewood. I cut a bunch of the oak just for smoking. Brought it home and cut it into chunks and put it in empty feed sacks.
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