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Yep, I am banned again.

I quoted someone who had apparently made a "racist comment", and Nailioth banned me for a damn week. I honestly dont remember what was said in the post that I quoted, but my comment was nothing I could have gotten banned over.

The shit is beyond ridiculous. They are going out of their way to turn it into a boot licking leftist shithole. If you say anything negative about Texas, you are on their radar. Its only a matter of time after that.

The newer members there that are dominating the forums, actually think they are doing the place a favor! They report things they don't agree with, demand folks get banned to silence them, but see no similarities between them and the Left. I dont know if they really are that indoctrinated, or they are Leftists doing it on purpose to divide the group. (I have found the VAST majority of millennials I have met to be heavily indoctrinated and dont know it).
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