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Originally Posted by Boris View Post
the war on drugs is a joke,,billions of dollars and 1,000s of lives for an unwinnable should be de-criminalized,regulated and let the users off themselves.
btw way Paul Ryan,,for you>>>

The fantasy of "Big Pharma" pushing painkillers and THAT is driving the "Opiod epidemic" is just soros, mexican cartel, the jihad, CIA and FBI and dimokkratic/rinokratik party funded agitprop. THEY, are bringing in TONS of heroin that is grown if Afghanistan and refined in Columbia. Last years cash crop of black tar opium in the 'stan netted 377 BILLION dollars on the streets of the USA.

Last year GM, Ford and Chrysler...GROSSED just 77 billion dollars.

The war on drugs has always been about government power over Americans and harvesting the billions in profits from drug sales. The drug war has transformed our police into light infantry with armor and tac air support. Thousands of our soldiers in the ' nothing except protect vast fields of opium poppies... Yes, I support the immediate execution of motherfuckers involved in the international drug trade.
Our forefathers would have already been now.

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