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Thumbs up Castable sonar fish finder. Cast from land or boat $79

FishHunter ProSKU: 000-14239-001
Sonar technology in the palm of your hand, FishHunter Pro connects to your smartphone or tablet to provide essential data and views of the underwater environment for any angler, anywhere.

Sonar technology the size of a tennis ball
Just because you don’t have a boat, doesn’t mean you can’t fish like the pros. FishHunter is pocket-sized technology that floats on the surface of the water and sends you sonar views via the FishHunter app. It tracks bottom depth, water temperature, fish location and lures to help you find and catch more fish. Even if you have conventional sonar technology, FishHunter gives you access to shallow and vegetative areas you could not reach by boat.

Pretty creative innovative technology for only $79. Cast from land or from your boat. Even if you have a high dollar fish finder and your casting toward shore this will tell you where the fish are right on your smartphone.
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