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It seems that I have settled on Sparky Linux Xfce. Their LXQT version was a little faster, but had a few quirks that I could not figure out. But all in all, both worked well on my 2007 Windows Vista 32bit machine. The desktop is the only difference between the two.

I've tried a few dozen different distros and read a hundred or more reviews. Many worked well, but Sparky has ended up my favorite.

Honorable mentions:

Manjaro Linux: I really liked this one as well and it was lightning fast, but it would not update after the initial install. Kept getting a missing key error. Tried a dozen or more different fixes that I found on Youtube and Google, but none of the fixes worked.

Trisquel Linux: Another super fast light distro that was in the running and one that I liked even a little more than Sparky. It would run well on a thumb drive, but would not install permanently on my hard drive due to a failed sector. Other versions detected the failed sector, but they would partition around that sector and install anyway. Had it not been for that, this could have been my go to.

Lubuntu: Another really good distro that worked well and probably the lightest in the bunch. This would probably be the best to use if going on an even older machine than a 2007 Vista. But with the light distro also comes with a lighter load of features. That being said, I can't complain with how it operated. It was designed to be light. There's also Xubuntu, Kubuntu and the only difference is the desktop environments.

Linux Lite: Again, a very basic distro that would work well on older machines and the review is going to be almost word for word as Lubuntu.

I was limited on what I could try because my machine is 32bit and those distros are starting to dry up as there are very few left still in working condition. I'm going to save all of these distros on a thumb drive for future use. Most of these will lose support after 2021, but at least it would still operate a machine even if unsupported.

So, there's my review in a nutshell.

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