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Slow twist means bullet keyholes in flesh easily.

Early AR were supposedly cut on worn out equipment and 1:12 = massive wound was purportedly happy accident.

Extremely fast bullets give meteor explosive effect. According to a physics teacher a raindrop or dense fog can cause a bullet to shatter if it is going fast enough.

The U.S. Army supposedly got bullets up to 9,000 fps in the 1930s and shot mules with them. Effect was said to be more like being electrocuted than hit with conventional bullet.

Will get book off shelf, give the quote and all that.

The twist rate and its humanity or lack thereof was something the Swiss and Swedes took seriously and had their 5.56s tweaked to kill you kinder. If it’s a matter of mere speed, twist rate would end up being an accuracy tweak

Will get coffee, book and start citing magic mule story.
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