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Default WT steps inside

Either Kim or I feed WT whenever he shows up at feeding time for the
domestic menagerie. He still remains very cautious and is easily spooked if
anyone tries to touch him. However, he will take food from the hand.

As an experiment, Kim brought his food bowl a few feet into the house to see
what would happen. The attached video is from a couple of days ago, and
was taken at on the occasion of his second venture through the front door.

Note how cautious he is, but also note that Kim's voice does not phase him,
Both of us use gentle tones when speaking to him, and his trust level for us
is slowly increasing.

It would seem an easy enough job to entice him in again with me behind the
door to shut and trap him, but we don't want to do this because we have no
idea how he would react. We'd like him to stay a few minutes more before
we try that.

If you listen carefully, you'll hear Holmes yapping from the back yard - and
he would be a major problem with yet another big male in the house.

Anyway...just thought you'd like to see his progress.

The video is a little dark, much lighter and clearer on Kim's i-phone, but
good enough for now.
zulu6 out
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