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Originally Posted by flashy View Post
Funny when you claim to retire from moderating but canít stop yourself to come back and hand out bans, it shows their lack of self control.
You have hit the nail on the head here, 100% spot on. They think "retiring" is going to absolve them of responsibility. Negative.

These same people are also members of this board. Which is good, because they are getting a lesson in self control in having to deal with the consequences of their actions. Only discipline isn't the root of their self control, its cowardness.

The moderation staff at that board also use alternative handles too. These accounts are used for various reasons, none of them good. These folks are the exact kind of people other forums show the door too. Only at the akfiles the inmates run the asylum. Interesting to hear members of this board describe events at other websites involving these same people.

A quick search reveals the irony in clowns like Nalioth running the market place forum.
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