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Originally Posted by WetKnife
No flash suppressor , No folding stock , no bayonet lug . I like this gun can it be made NY compliant ?

I can get away with a flash suppressor if you ship it to me saying its a muzzle brake . No lug period . And could you weld it pinned open , but could you do it in a way to with only a small effort it could be made a folder again if I left NY ?

If so I could have a Cashiers Check in your hands in a week !

I would have to special build a rifle like that. It would have very limited appeal to anyone else yes I would have to have the $$ up front before even starting. Can a rifle with a detachable box magazine and a pistol grip and a threaded barrel... even be transfered in NY? I will have to take a peek into the STATE LAWS book....
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