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Originally Posted by Angry White Trash View Post
I need a Krinkov style rear sight assembly for a custom AK I'm making. An M92/85 rear sight would be fine too. Anything designed to line up with the AK front sight will actually work. Was thinking even a CETME sight mounted on the rear of the dust cover.

Any ideas?
Putting a rear sight on any version of AK dust cover is just never a 'great' idea. The SUKA/AKS47U was never intended for 'sniper' work...they are kuel but spray and pray (in style) about covers it. I have about a metric ton of parts to go through, sort out and identify...if I find something that will work I'll let you kids have no idea what most of this stuff is...or how valuable; the issue came up when they were trying to find original SVD 7.62X54r magazines. It'll take some time...if I find something I'll let you know.
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