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My close gun club range now requires only 100yd shots which sucks, except during and around turkey season you can shoot shotgun at 25yds to pattern. I got a 17hmr I want to sight in but at a 100yds good luck seeing any holes in the paper.

I usually shoot 3 shots at close range around 25yds with a new scope on a good surface with some bags to hold the gun still so I see where it’s at. Then I dial the scope pretty hard and take another 2 shots to check where it’s at and then move out to 50yds and then 100 yds so I can get it sighted in decent and quick, so I don’t need to shoot more than 20 rounds.

Seen jerkoffs shooting 6 boxes of ammo there every year around deer season, holding up the 3 benches walking back and forth. My gun club pretty much sucks now requiring 100yd bench shots, I think it’s an effort to keep semi-auto rapid fire out.
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