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Originally Posted by 4thIDvet View Post
Very ingenious and creative.
But a few questions?
-What is actually creating the combustion?
-Hooked to the battery? So the battery must be relative to the operation? Its almost like you would have to run a battery charger off the generator to the battery to keep it alive?
-He went through a number of pellets in short order? One would have to, with that as it is, have to stay up and feed pellets.

Please I am not criticizing the creation just trying to figure it out and see for improvements?
A small battery such as one from a motorcycle could run that fan when needed. It is needed only for starting the pellet fire. If you noticed, he turned that fan off after he got the generator running. And the battery could be recharged while the generator is running.

There wasn't any noticeable amount of pellets that dropped down in the barrel during the video. I don't know how many pellets it would actually consume in an hour of running. Possibly you could use sawdust or small twigs dropped down in the tube for burning.

His device isn't for every day use. It is a SHTF type invention. It could be used to operate a ham radio, pump water, or charging batteries for lighting, etc.

When wood or pellets burn much of the available energy drifts away in the exhaust or if an open flame up into the atmosphere in the form of syngas. And that gas burns high above the wood fire (see attached picture). That recovered gas is what is powering that generator.
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