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Originally Posted by 4thIDvet View Post
Sanders holy sheeeet you have like 2 dozen BBQ ranges are you opening a BBQ place I am hungry and heading your way. Mesquite Texas BBQ the best.

Fred holy mother of God Pres. Trump does not have an outdoor station for cooking like that. My God that is like the Pit Masters dream good for you.
Nah, I only have 3 smokers. One of them does double duty as a charcoal grill as the second half of a gas/charcoal/smoker combo unit.

One is a little smoke box the kids gave me for Christmas a few years ago, and the other is an Ugly Drum Smoker that I made from a 55-gal. steel drum. By the time I was done building it, I could have bought a decent one for what I spent on materials.

I kind of got burned out on mesquite smoked meat (no pun intended). Right now my favorite go-to smoker wood is oak that I cut myself in the forest.

If you want to watch some BBQ videos, I recommend and Malcolm Reed's How to Barbecue Right

There are quite a few others, but those two will keep a hungry man busy for a while.

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