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Originally Posted by Sanders View Post
Looks good, Aviator. But isn't that too small for your huge paella pan or your whole hog bbqs?

I definitely have to make mine wind proof. It is mostly the wind that messes up my smoking by reducing the temperature inside it.
The Paella pan goes on it's own stand with the gas burner and I don't do a whole pig, I don't even cook it, if we have a lot of people we just cater the food in, costs about the same and let someone else do the work. I will be cookiing a seafood paella this Saturday, family is gathering for my birthday, kids and their kids, brother and his kid and her husband an all together about 30 people to pay respect to old age a few days in advance so the wife came up with the idea and she bought 10 lbs shrimp, fish, mussels, crab, squid, scallops...I mean, if it moves under the sea we'll eat it. My bro says he's helping out and bringing beer. So I'll say a good Spanish Ole' on Sat.

Actually I made the cavity so a grill under 26" would fit there, I was restricted by the work that was done before. I do have a pretty good size gas grill where I do most of the cooking anyhow, but sometimes I want wood or charcoal flavor so I light this one up.

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