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Smile Update for Brother flopshot on the AR trigger.

O.K. we are not gunsmiths but NASA wants to hire us as rocket scientist. flopshot this is smoothing the trigger crunch, not reducing trigger lb.pull necessarily now.
We are shade tree gunsmiths but this dang sure worked for us.

- Take 1500 grit sand paper and smooth down all contact points as explained in the previous post. Do NOT change any angles. 15 minutes of gentle rubbing.
- Next take Crocus fine "ace hardware" paper and make a mirror finish. Take your time and go slow. Just smoothing NOT taking any angles away.
- We then lubed lightly all contact points we polished with "Ace Hardware super lube synthetic grease". Plus some lube in the pins to hold them. Took a toothpick and put some lube in. Oh it helped in the process.
-Installed a light "Midway" lower sear spring and kept the upper hammer standard heavy spring. For good solid primer strikes.

ADD: Yes a smoother AR trigger. Reduced lb. trigger pull? maybe some but smooth as all hell.
- Now the lower tiny sear spring shown on some diagrams to be funnel shaped. I have several, some are some are not wide bottom funnel shaped. If you have one and install it wide side up, you get a crunch not so good grind, install wide side down. If yah have said install wide side down. Crunch grind gone. That was a major grinding noise, believe do not believe?

Now put her back together and try. Any input on what us rocket scientist's did would be appreciated.
God Bless Americas Veterans. All who are serving and have served.
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